New Ford Trucks For Sale Near New York, NY

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Explore Our New Ford Trucks in Jersey City

The new truck lineup from Ford is more than impressive. Models like the new Ford F-150 are sure to add power, reliability, and more to your next drive through New York, NY. This is just one of the outstanding options available in our new Ford truck lineup. Here is just a bit about what you can find here.

The Benefits of a New Ford

Ford is well known for the trucks it creates. These are legendary vehicles that are ready for any challenging workday or adventure you may have planned. Customers have loved these trucks for years, and you are sure to be impressed by the new models.

Every Ford truck is going to bring you a level of reliability that is hard to match. The capability features and robust engine options are just a few of the quality perks this brand has to offer. Every moment you spend behind the wheel of a new Ford truck will be one to remember.

The Ford Maverick

For those that need the right balance of efficiency and functionality, the new Ford Maverick is the model for you. This is a hybrid truck that combines the power of combustion with a long-lasting battery. That means your engine will utilize its fuel more efficiently, saving you a fair amount at the pump. Customers also love the compact design of this new Ford Maverick because it is more maneuverable through city streets.

The Ford Ranger

We know our shoppers love a good adventure. The new Ford Ranger will bring a capable spirit to your next weekend getaway or camping trip. From powerful drivetrains to added trail technology, the Ranger will make your next adventure a total success. There are even engineered features that make the Ranger even more capable, including a higher stance and durable underbody.

The Ford F-150

The new Ford F-150 will deliver everything you need for a successful drive. Throughout the exterior, you get this tall stance and confident features that will turn heads throughout your drive. The cabin is comfortable and functional so that you can enjoy your drive more than ever before.

There is nothing quite like driving a new Ford F-150 near Newark. Customers love the impressive engine options this model brings to the table, each offering enough horsepower for an exciting drive. You will also be able to tow and haul just about whatever you need in this new Ford F-150.

The Ford F-150 Lightning

Electric cars are changing the way we drive for the better. Ford now offers its beloved truck in an all-electric format. The new Ford F-150 Lightning is more than ready to bring an innovative style to your daily drive. With a powerful battery and a series of motors, you will also eliminate your carbon emissions during that commute. There are a lot of perks an electric vehicle can offer.

The Ford Super Duty

Some Elizabeth area shoppers need more from their new Ford truck. We can offer you that with a new Ford Super Duty. Whether you choose the Ford F-250 or the Ford F-350, you are going to have a level of power that is hard to match. These models come with larger engine options and higher towing capacities, ensuring no job stands a chance.

Find Your Next Ford Truck at Our Dealership Today

Regardless of the new Ford truck you choose, you are going to love your next drive. Visit our dealership and take a new Ford F-150 for a test drive to experience the quality of this outstanding model. We look forward to changing the way you commute with a new Ford soon.