5 Reasons to Insist on Authentic Ford Parts

Don't think that you're going to save money if you're expecting aftermarket or counterfeit parts to do the job when your Ford needs repairs. Only genuine Ford parts have been designed and engineered to fit and work with your vehicle as intended. Here are five reasons that you should always demand Ford parts:


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  • Aftermarket parts may lead to unexpected future repairs, since they're not specifically designed for your Ford. Of course, extra repairs lead to extra costs and you may wind up replacing those parts more often than you would factory-authorized parts.
  • Aftermarket or counterfeit parts may threaten your vehicle's structural integrity and safety systems, putting you and your passengers at risk of serious harm.
  • You can't trust that counterfeit parts have been tested, and it's very unlikely that they've been put through the same stringent assessment process as genuine Ford parts.
  • Damage that's caused by the failure of non-Ford parts may not be covered by the vehicle's warranty, making you responsible for all repair costs.
  • Modifying an aftermarket part may add more time to the repair process, increasing both your overall costs and vehicle downtime.

To ensure that you're getting genuine Ford parts, visit the Parts Center at Stevens Jersey City Ford.

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