Your Tires Wear Differently For a Reason; Rotate Them Today!

Each one of those rubber rings known as tires on your vehicle has special wear characteristics that are unique to your vehicle, as well as which position they are mounted. For example, if a tire is mounted on the front of your vehicle, it will wear much differently than if it is mounted to the rear of the vehicle. The front steering rack turns the tires when you turn the wheel, which causes those tires to wear differently on the inside and outside edge of the tires. Swapping the tires (or rotating) from the front to the rear helps alleviate this change in wear pattern, and allows you to properly extend the life of your tires overall. It is recommended that you rotate your tires at least every other oil change, or every six to eight thousand miles. Rotating your tires at the specified interval, can save you big money down the road. Call us today to setup a service appointment!
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